Which Role-Playing Games to look for in 2020?

Which Role-Playing Games to look for in 2020?

After enjoying many amazing role-playing games during the past few years, now you might be looking for some awesome collections for the year 2020. Well, there are loads of adventure rich RPGs waiting for you ahead; many of them are developed with brand new concepts; however, few others are anticipated remake of the existing versions.

Below we have listed a few amazing collections of Role-Playing Games that you can enjoy in 2020:

  1. Orangeblood:

This game is designed with 16-bit aesthetics and a unique set of 20th century. Other than this, the incredible soundtrack with firearm-based battles makes it more thrilling for the grown-up players. While playing this game, you will be engaged in many sleazy activities on a man-made island. The gameplay includes adventure rich, gun-fueled battles with gorgeous 2D graphics and catchy tunes.

  1. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot:

If you are a crazy lover of anime/magma; you might have heard about the story of Goku and his battles against Majin Buu, Frieza, Vegeta and many other enemies. Several characters have been utilized in early-stage fight games; however, this time, the developers have come up with a bigger scope. In this game, Goku will have a thrilling battle with all those iconic enemies and lead a heart throbbing journey to save the planet. You will definitely love the gameplay and storyline along with impressive visual elements added to this game.

  1. Temtem:

Temtem is one of the most famous Pokemon game that has unlimited monster collecting franchises. It is a higher version of the Pokemon Sword and Shield game with many impressive elements and a huge fanbase all over the world. The floating islands o Omninesia are the main attraction of this RPG. Other than this, the game presents many colourful creatures, Dojo trainers, rival tamers and many other impressive aspects that add more value to the gameplay. When you are looking for new ps4 games in 2020, Temtem is a must-try release in the gaming industry.

  1. Arc of Alchemist:

This PS4 game shows a terrible side of machine age where many machine dolls start threatening human beings along with their wellbeing and home kingdoms. In this storyline, Quinn Bravesford is the main character who fights hard to save his nation with the help of some mysterious tools. It includes loads of advanced gameplay elements that add more beauty to the storyline. Furthermore, the real-time battles make this game more valuable for the crazy players in the industry.

  1. AzureLane: Crosswave:

If you love RPG games, Azure Lane – Crosswave will definitely capture your attention. This game is loaded with 25 plus main characters and more than 30 support characters with unique features. The game is designed with a thrilling battle mechanism, stylized graphics and advanced customization system. There are many air gunners, and the game can be played in separate modes; the list includes Episode Mode, Photo Mode, Extreme Battle Mode and Story Mode. You can choose any of these to get started with an amazing experience.