What are the most popular anime in Japan?

There are as many anime preferences as there are anime fans out there.

Some people love Slice of life anime like Golden time, Kono Oto Tomare. And some think Shonen like Naruto, One Piece, ... are better.

While everyone has a different taste and a different preference when it comes to anime and opinions regarding it.

What about the Japanese? What are their preferences?

So, let's get this discussion over with by considering the anime that are popular in Japan right now.

This is going to be interesting!

There are four popular ranking systems that people usually use in Japan to see what's trendy. We'll be looking into the top few anime in all of these four categories.

Well then, let's begin

There's a website called ANIKORE. It's a very popular site that the Japanese use all the time. And the most popular anime according to this site's rankings is

1-Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken
It's interesting to know that this anime is regarded as the most popular ongoing new release, the plot isn't all that flashy or dramatic but I guess it's just how things are in Japan.
So in this anime, the main character Midori Asaka sees the world as a reference to let her imagination on the loose. She always has a notebook in her hand, drawing beautiful and detailed landscapes of everything around her.
And to maintain the balance of the universe, her best friend is the exact opposite, she is a reasonable person who tends to think things logically.
I know I said how this anime isn't all that dramatic or flashy, but what do you know, it sometimes takes something like this to get us back to enjoying the beauty of everyday life. So definitely check it out, especially since the Japanese like it, and we like Japan, don't we?
2-If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die
We have another interesting title here. This anime is one of those, the ones that often get disregarded for some reason. From what I have seen so far, this anime is obviously not getting enough attention outside of Japan. It deserves a lot more!
The plot is just as the title says, there is a girl who is obsessed with her favorite idol and she would stop at nothing to see her play at the Budokan (Probably, a popular event)
Even though the plot seems simple enough, the anime is genuinely likable. Not to mention the cute art style. You would not want to miss out on this one!
3-Drifting Dragons
Guess what, we have a normal looking title for once. This one is not a TV series, it's an ONA. Yet, people are liking it so much. I wonder why is that?
There are people who hunt dragons and use their remains to make valuable stuff. As we all know, dragons are supposed to live in the sky. That's why the people who hunt these dragons also have to make it to the sky on a little something, a ship to be more precise.
And this is the story of one of those ships, called Quinn Zara.
Here are a few honorable mentions from ANIKORE,
 Bang dream (I think, it's about a music band)
 Science fell in love, so I tried to prove it (Do give it a watch, it's awesome!)
On to the next top three. The list is going to be from Akiba Souken. This is more of a page than a website.
Like most of the sites, you can search according to the genre here too.
Now, let's take a look at the top action anime in Japan,
1-Darwin’s Game
This one is a little like Sword Art Online, except that it's a whole lot better. The anime is about a game where the statement, "Survival of the fittest" is as relevant as it has ever been.
In this game, you survive or you simply do not. Murder is legal, in fact, you actually get paid for it, in millions.
The main character of the show is a boy named Kaname who accidentally got into the game and now, the game is his new life. He lost a couple of his extremely good friends pretty early in the anime but I guess it is how it is, isn't it?
Still, there is a lot more to Darwin's game as we previously thought there would be. Sure, it is like Sword art online, but in this game, you have to kill real-life people and if you don't, you die yourself. Of course, our main character finds a way to go around that but you'll have to watch the anime yourself to find that out.
That's all, the other popular action anime in Japan are all shows like
 Kegan Ashura
 Kemono Michi
which have either ended or are waiting for their sequel.
But we are only taking the current anime into account.
On to the next way of determining the best anime there is. This one is a company called VIDEO RESEARCH. Even though the word anime is not there in their title. They still give credible results. Every week they publish Japan's most popular anime, the drawback is that they consider only the Kanto region.
Still, the rankings are rankings, and they can always help a guy find an anime masterpiece. Not to mention, Tokyo is included in the Kanto region, so we have no objections.
Well then, here are the top three according to these rankings, they might change by the time you see this post, weeks do pass by, pretty quickly. Don't they?
However. This list includes the series that have already dragged on for long enough, so you can probably expect to see them at the top for a few more years!
Ever since the dawn of time and space, this anime has been airing. No seriously, you think One Piece has dragged on long enough?
Well, One Piece's got nothing on Sazae san. This anime started airing back on October 5th, 1969, and it has been airing ever since. This anime holds the Guinness record for the longest animated series ever.
I searched the internet to find the episode number, it is currently on but found no credible number. What I got to know is that it passed the 7000th mark a long time ago. And in case you are wondering, the anime frame in the image above is from the 2200th (24 min long) episode.
What's this anime about?
It's about a mother named Sazae who lives in a house with her family. And some people were actually able to make that long of series on such a simple premise.
I don't know, watch this anime at your own risk. Who knows, you might actually make it to the last episode. It's still ongoing though!
2-Chibi Maruko-Chan
This one started back in 1995 and guess what, the episodes are still coming out every month. Just think for a moment, what would the irony be if you started one of these long series and somewhere along the way, you died without making it to the last episode. Well, that would be pretty sad, wouldn't it?
Alright, let's take a little sneak peek at the plot. It's about a little elementary school girl whose name is Maruko and her only special trait is that she is little.
But people have been watching it every week for years and they are probably still watching it, so I guess there might be more there than what meets the eye.
3-Detective Conan
The third one is Detective Conan. It also started back in 1996 and has managed to drag on for this long. But this one isn't like the other two on our list.
It's a mystery anime about a high school student who just happens to be really good at solving mysteries.
Detective Conan is a very big franchise and I mean it in the true sense of the word big. There are dozens of side stories, movies and more. You could start this series and by the time you get finished, you might have become the next Sherlock homes.
And yeah, good look with watching all 969 episodes that have been released until now. There are more to come!
Other popular series that you might see on VIDEO RESEARCH include the one and only
 One piece
 My hero academia
and other shows like that.
Time for the last ranking. It's by a youtube channel named Nicovideo. The following list would contain night shows, it appears that Japanese often like to watch anime at night, when everybody is sleeping. I wonder, what do they watch?
Let's check out the list ourselves.
1-Seton Academy: Join the Pack!
This anime deserves the praise it is getting. I don't know the genius who thought up the idea of making a Zootopia with anime girls that are animals. But whoever they are, they are a genius.
In this anime, there are all kinds of animal girls. Catgirls, wolf girls, sloth girls, a human girl, you name the kind, this anime has everything.
I could take another thousand words appreciating the beauty of catgirls and all of the other girls that they show in this anime but it'll better to experience all that yourself.
2-Interspecies Reviewers
You probably already know about this one. This anime was impossible to miss. Especially since it got so close to dethroning Full metal Alchemist and becoming the best anime ever on My anime list.
The story is simple. A group of adventurers is on a life goal to sleep with every kind of girl there is. This includes Catgirls, bird maids, fairies and a lot more.
Also, don't look up this anime with your parents in the room. You'll regret it. Instead, wait till midnight, just like how the Japanese do.
A sweet anime about catgirls. There aren't any unnecessary lewd scenes involved. Just a bunch of cat maids working, relaxing and just enjoying their everyday lives.
If you are looking for a sweet anime to just sit back, relax and take a cup of coffee then this anime is all that you need. I would even go as far as to say that this might be the cutest thing on the internet right now!
Other popular titles that people like to watch at midnight are
 BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense
 Isekai quartet
2  In/Spectre
and more.
So, here were a few anime that are hailed popular in Japan.
I hope that this gave you an idea of what anime to watch next!
That's all!!!