Top 7 Best Anime Girls of Winter, 2020

 Top 7 Best Anime Girls of Winter, 2020

Even though, it’s only been three months since the start of 2020. We have already seen a substantial amount of stunningly beautiful girls. 

It’s a fact that the average number of girls in every anime have been exponentially increasing over the last couple of years. In every anime, there is at least one girl that stands out.

Picking the top 7 from that many girls might turn out to be a little thought provoking. 

Just know that this is only my personal opinion. You may agree or disagree with this list. 

Anime waifus are subjective after all!

1-Hondoumachi Koharu


Anime: Id:Invaded


                Hondoumachi is an extremely intelligent woman who looks like a middle schooler. She wears a flower like blouse on her hair, above her left eye (It’s the same color as her eyes) 

Despite being so charming and cute, all she ever wears is a black suit. Which is to be expected, she is a detective after all. However, whenever she enters an Id well, her clothes get swapped with some traditional detective get up. That’s when she truly shines. 


                There is a reason why I have placed her at the top. It’s just that, whenever she shows her geniusness with that serious, yet cute face of hers, it is almost too much to handle. 

And then of course, the cute voice. Her voice is so cute and soothing. You can’t help but adore her. 

It’s been a while since we last saw such an incredible mesh up of both intelligence and cuteness. But what do you know … Hondoumachi isn’t the only one that fits this description. 

The next girl is also not that different. 

2-Iwanaga Kotoko


Anime: Kyokou Suiri (In/Spectre)


                She is a highly intelligent and wise girl. 

As far as her age goes, she is only 17 years old. She tends to wear a white dress and always keeps a cane by her side. 

Her physical condition, however, is not normal. One of her legs and an eye got taken when she was a 11 years old, the ones she has now are artificial. 


                Unlike Hondoumachi this one is only a teenager.

Her character is both cute and mature. She almost never hesitates in saying whatever she wants. Which makes her character even more sophisticated. 

But no matter how mature she is, she still pouts and gets jealous from time to time. Her boyfriend may or may not appreciate her, but all of us do, don’t we?

And, doesn’t those little pinky lips of hers look adorable!!!


3-Fujito Chiyuki


Anime: Runway de Waratte (Smile down the runaway)


                A true bombshell in every sense of the word. 

Her blonde hair, short height, and blue eyes make her shine as bright as the celestial stars. 

Apparently, she aspired to be a fashion model. This was her dream. Had things went smoothly, she would have just become one, and not a single soul in the world would have stopped her.

Too bad, her height stopped growing. She is too short to become a professional model. This shock was a little too much for her. 

She broke into tears…SAD!!!


                Every once in a while, there is an anime girl that sparkles just enough that you have no choice but to reduce the brightness. 

It’s like almost one quarter of the anime’s budget went into animating this girl alone. 

The level of commitment the animators must have shown is truly astonishing. I can’t even begin to think if there was any possible way to make her look more beautiful.

Seriously, Kudos to everyone who animated her.




4-Himuro Ayame


Anime: Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita. (Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It) Appearance 

                Himuro is a young girl, who is in her early twenties.

She is a science type, so she mostly wears a white lab coat. Which not only makes her look more like an intellectual, it also contributes to her overall beauty. 

White is the color that endorses her beauty the most after all. 

But it isn’t just white either. Over the span of 12 episodes, we have witnessed her glory in all sorts of different clothes. 


 All of the girls from this anime are waifu material. But Himuro is something else. She is a woman in love who easily gets overwhelmed by her own sweet emotions and blushes from time to time.  

She is a love struck maiden!!! nd that’s what makes her so endearing.







5-Hino Hitomi 


Anime: Murenase! Seton Gakuen (Seton Academy: Join the Pack!)


                Part of the reason why I have included her in this list is because she looks almost exactly the same as Kosaki Onodera from Nisekoi.

I mean just take a look! 



Her voice is sweet, she also has a kind and caring personality. 

However, unlike Onodera she has no interest in having a romantic relationship with the main character. She does want to make more friends though.


                For a long time Onodera has been my favorite, still is. To see a girl that looks almost the same as her was certainly a refreshing experience. 

Too bad, they ended up embarrassing her in the last episode. 

6-Yashiro Nene


Anime: Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun (Toilet-bound Hanako-kun)


                 Yashiro Nene is the youngest girl in this entire list. She is tiny and cute and also a little dumb. 

She wants to be loved. For that she is willing to work as hard as she has to. Her face brims with this insane thirst of love.

However, she doesn’t have the courage to go and confess to anyone.


                She is the textbook example of a tiny shy girl, in her teenage phase.

But will she stay the same, now that she has met Hanako?


Things are going to change for the better. She’ll become bolder, and perhaps even cuter.

7-Sayaka Kanamori


Anime: Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! (Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!)


 A tall slim girl with slightly too apparent teeth, who wears glasses on her head and tries her best not to smile. In many ways, she is the exact opposite of a cute girl. Impression

                I know. I know. 

She doesn’t look like a girl who should be here in this list. That is, if she even looks like a girl at all.

There are a ton of other girls who could be at this number seventh spot.

Why her?

I can assure you, this is not a troll. 

Her love of money is where her beauty lies!

A lot of people skipped this anime because of the bland animation. But it is actually pretty good, it even ranked as high as at the number one spot in one of the Japanese anime ranking platforms. 

If Japanese like it, then must be good, right?

Alright, so these were the top 7 best girls of winter, 2020. At least in my opinion. 

What about you? Is there a girl that is more worthy of being in this list than any of the above?

Do share your insights!