The Most Popular Ongoing Anime "Tower of God" How Good Can It Get?!?

If you consider yourself a part of the anime community there is a high chance, you must’ve watched or at least heard of an anime called “Kami no tou (Tower of god)”

It is an anime adaption of a webtoon: You can think of it as a web manga or a manhwa (Korean Manga) 

Basically, it’s a manga but colored. 

So, this webtoon got very popular really fast. People couldn’t help but enjoy it and even recommend it to their friends. That hype eventually resulted into the birth of this anime. 

Crunchyroll was the one who licensed this anime and the studio that is animating it is called “Telecom Animation Film”

Well then, now that you’ve gotten a basic idea of how a popular webtoon became an anime. 

Let’s talk a little more about the actual anime.  


A boy named Bam or Yoru (Both of them mean “Night”) decides to go after his one and only friend Rachel. After she had went off to climb the tower all on her own.

Now what is this tower about?

Apparently, the anime is trying its best not to reveal too much. At least, not now. 

But it more or less like this, it is a sacred building that only the chosen ones get to climb. These chosen ones are called Regulars. 

On the other hand, there are irregulars, these folks aren’t chosen to climb the tower. But still do it anyway. 

As you can guess, our protagonist is an irregular. 

However, if there is one thing that the anime has made loud and clear than that is the fact that at the top of the tower, exists everything in the world. 


We can’t really say much about the characters because the story is still only in its phase.

Considering how long the webtoon is, it’ll be a while before we can actually start seeing the epic plot reveals. And character developments. 

The main character Bam is a naïve kid who barely knows anything about the world or the people. 

Which is to be expected since he has lived almost all of his life in darkness. The only person he knew of for a long time was Rachel. 

But then one day, she told Bam that she desired to see the stars. 

And just like that, she left to climb the tower. 

Bam goes after her, and that’s how this story begins. 

And then more and more interesting characters keep getting introduced.


The 2nd most prominent character in the story is someone who went through a lot in the past…forbidden love, betrayal, denial, resentment. He has seen the darkness of humans. The character

I am talking about is named Khun.

He is clever, bold, and, prideful!

And he is someone who wants to protect Bam’s innocent smile. 


Other than Plot and Character. The Animation and Voice acting is also top tier. 

The Art style is just so colorful and compelling, it aligns perfectly with the art style of the wbetoon. I’d say, the colorful art of this anime alone, is the reason why more and more people should watch it. 

The opening and ending song have their own grace. And the soundtrack is just (for an obvious lack of a better word) crazy good!

But, let’s talk about an inevitable question. 

How good can this anime get?

Those who have read the webtoon can’t stop talking about it, and those who haven’t are just as curious.  

We the anime fans also anticipate every episode quite desperately. 

The hype is definitely real and it is indeed the most popular ongoing non-sequel anime. Expecting it to get even better sounds like a safe bet. 

Remember mainstream titles like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball…?

These anime started of slow but they continued on because the producers knew these anime have enough potential to wreak havoc in the world.

Just like them Tower of god is also a tale that would only continue to grow. That’s why it makes little sense to judge this anime.

If you haven’t watched this anime yet. You are seriously missing out on a lot. 

That’s all folks!