Most Epic Action Games of 2019

Most Epic Action Games of 2019

Only gamers know the real thrill hidden inside action-adventure games. They are always interested in finding the list of best games that can ensure a memorable experience for the lifetime. As game developers keep on launching unlimited games every year, it may be a little difficult for gamers to choose the most engaging ones.

Don’t Worry! You landed on the right page. Here we are going to talk about three epic action games of the year 2019 that can ensure a truly thrilling experience for all adventure lovers. Go through the highlights of these annual best games and download the most amazing ones to have fun:

  1. A Plague Tale: Innocence:

This game is designed with a unique concept of rats and plagues that leads to a story of harrowing odds at every next step. As the title says, it is all about loss of innocence and the journey towards a terrible war. Along with several horror connections all around, this game also gives some glimpse of hopes at every next step. The player must be ready to experience true hardship while playing this game as it will test all your strength and tenacity.

  1. Astral Chain:

The incredible execution of this adventure rich game has created an amazing experience for adventure lovers around the world. This game is loaded with a sequence of stylish actions, and all the fights here are more exhilarating. Here you will find lots of relaxing and calmer moments along with the power pack of thrill and adventure. Those who are eager to take some tougher challenges are advised to play this game.

  1. Borderlands 3:

Borderland 3 is designed with an amazing story-line and rewarding gun-play activities. The character-driven narrative tasks of this game lead to a more satisfying finale, and the new features and mechanics make it more interesting for the adventure lovers. There are loads of advanced weapons and skill trees. Borderlands 3 on Xbox 1 has many improved features of the series that make it a specialized shooting and looting game for all action game lovers.

  1. The cadence of Hyrule:

Here is a fantastic Zelda game that comes with many amazing gameplay mechanics. It can help you gain a satisfying sense of action game with joy of discovery and the extreme load of powers. There are many interesting things to do in this gaming world and it can help you have an amazing experience on your PlayStation 4. This game has received higher ranking online due to its amazing story-line and impactful background effects.

  1. Creature in the Well:

This game is based on a geometry focused concept where players need to focus on a unique puzzle action. The hands-off operation on this game can sometimes also boost your excitement level. There are many well-structured dangerous moments, and players will also be able to find advanced weapons throughout the game.

You can pick any of these amazing games to have fun on your Xbox one and PS4. Most of these are compatible with multiple platforms so you can play with ease.