Most Entertaining Role-Playing Games of 2019

Most Entertaining Role-Playing Games of 2019

Sometimes we get tired of the real world around. Same things happening with each passing day takes away all the excitement while leaving some boring schedules behind. That is why gamers fall in love with Role Playing Games (RPG) that allow them to play different characters in a single life.

RPGs are probably some of the most engaging and intuitive games in the industry. They come with many creative titles and colourful backgrounds. You can find some interesting ideas for serving all age groups. Here we have listed some of the most entertaining RPG games of 2019. This list can help you to make an easy selection for the upcoming gaming session:

  1. Chrono Cross:

This is one of the most popular PlayStation games that is considered as a spiritual sequel of the famous Chrono Trigger game. It has a huge cast of around 45 party members, and the story revolves around a 17-year old boy who finds himself in some other world where he died almost a decade ago. He takes help from a skilled thief in the storyline to find mythical Frozen Flame and make efforts to save the world. People had great fun playing this game in 2019; however, you can still give it a try online to go through the impressive creation.

  1. Chrono Trigger:

When we are talking about some of the most popular RPGs, how can we forget to mention Chrono Trigger; the all-time good and memorable game for adventure lovers. The storyline moves around the hero Crono, and his companions, Lucca and Marle. The entire game includes a series of events, and the characters work hard to deal with the time-travelling quest to make things fall at right place. There are plenty of memorable scenes that you would love to enjoy during entire gameplay.

  1. EarthBound:

This famous Japanese Mother series represents an amazing trilogy. The storyline follows a kid whose name is Ness and the adventure starts with his few crazy friends; they are all working hard to investigate an alien force that spread hatred in the entire world. There is no doubt to say that it is basically a hilariously adventurous and surreal game that every RPG lover would love to explore time and again.

  1. Fable 3:

If you are more in love with the fictional world, try this amazing game with some of your best gaming companions. The story revolves around a Kingdom with many dark humours and fun activities happening behind. With some common events like having marriage and children, the players need to work hard upon a series of events that ultimately affect the entire Kingdom.

  1. Lost Odyssey:

Here is another amazing game with highly engaging and interesting content. The background music and series of events are really amazing. Players get excited to deal with the dangerous magical industrial revolution shown in this game, and they need to work hard to deal with all the pains and losses.

Pick any of these amazing top ps4 games and start playing on your gaming console to create some memories for the lifetime.