Most Anticipated MMORPG Games in 2020

Most Anticipated MMORPG Games in 2020

MMORPG is still a famous concept among players all over the world. There are plenty of free to play games in this category, and they are loved by gamers in the Asian market for the past several years. And the amazing thing to know is that the trend is on for the year 2020 as well as many developers are coming up with the advanced version of MMORPG games. All that you need to play these games is a fast internet connection and your gaming device. The great news is that many of these games work well on mobile phones as well. However, to have real fun, people love to access them via PlayStation and consoles.

Here we are going to talk about some of the most impressive MMORPG games in the year 2020 that you would love to play in the coming months:

  1. Crimson Desert:

Crimson Desert is one of the most amazing fantasy MMORPG game that was created using a new game engine. It accumulates all advanced ideas and experiences of the developers, and this game is expected to be a huge success in the market. The main idea behind this gameplay is to unfold the conflict between monarchy and mercenaries. You should not consider it a sequel of Black Desert Online; however, you may find plenty of things common in both these games. Players would love to spend time on large scale battles, creating their own teams and trading players online.

  1. Bless Unleashed:

Here is one of the top-rated Xbox 1 games for 2020 that comes with a fantasy-based theme that works perfectly on Unreal Engine 4. The chances are that in the near future, this game will be available on other platforms as well. You will find many advanced customizations and dodging effects in this game while the amazing mechanics add more value to its gameplay. There are five different types of heroes in the game, and you can expect unmatched support from the developers with new updates in the near future.

  1. World of Dragon Nest:

This game can be accessed on mobile devices, and PC as well. It is basically a sequel of the famous game Dagon Nest that comes with total freedom on movements and many choices for professions such as crafting, farming and fishing as well. It comes with a PvP mode for 200 players; it is possible to create four different teams with 50 characters in each team.

  1. Phantasy Star Online 2:

This game was earlier available only in Japan; however, it will be released worldwide in the year 2020. The theme behind this game is pretty simple; it basically focuses on completing some quests, spending time on exploring different locations and raiding dungeons. Players will be able to access nine base classes in this game along with subclass and main class system. Other than this, you will find many easy customization options per character. The dynamic weather features also play a creative role in the entire gameplay.

Get ready to experience thrill and adventure with these games in 2020.