Most Anticipated Anime of July 2020

The Spring season of anime will soon end and the Summer season will begin.

As everybody already knows, July is going to be the first month of this season. Which means the most anticipated Summer anime will also air in July. 

We sure have a very interesting roster.

And I am not just talking about sequels like Re:Zero 2nd season, Oregairu 3rd season, Haikyuu to the Top: 2nd season

I am talking about the new anime (Non-Sequels)

Well then, let’s talk about them, shall we?

Dokyuu Hentai HxEros

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Ecchi, School, Shounen  Plot 

                The world is in a pretty dire crisis situation. It all began five years ago when monsters who can eat away people’s sexual desires started ravaging the world. 

To counter the situation, there are heroes who use a special device called HxEros to take on the monsters using their own erotic power.

 The main characters named Enjou and Hoshino are both childhood friends. One day, they get themselves into some trouble with a monster who devours sexual energy to evolve. 

They successfully take the monster down and then later join the group of heroes that have devoted their lives to saving the sexual energy of the world.



 No matter how you look at it, this anime is quite interesting indeed. And that’s why people are hyped up about it. 

But Ecchi anime do have the tendency to focus too much on the fan service rather than the plot, let’s see how this goes. 


Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Martial arts, Samurai 


                The story takes place in the year 2030. There is a global pandemic that effects people of different age, race, and, sex differently. Those who get infected can no longer be called Human. 

The name of this virus is Gibia and it is everywhere. 

And just when the situation is as grave as it can get, a samurai and a ninja show up together to take down the infected. Together with them is a doctor whose job is to find the cure for the virus. 


                From the trailer it is obvious that the animation of this anime is going to be top tier. Not to mention, it’s not every day that we get to see Samurai anime, do we?

Kanojo, Okarishimasu

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen


                A college student named Kinoshita gets dumped by his girlfriend. Just to fill the emptiness in his heart, he tries a rent-a-girlfriend from an app, just to hook himself with a girlfriend for a day or so.

Much to his surprise, the girl that comes up seems to be almost perfect in every way. A kind and gentle personality, plus the looks of a cute bombshell.

What more can a man ask?

However, what was supposed to be an interesting rent-a-girlfriend experience soon turns into the story of how two college students ended up faking a relationship.


                This anime has been getting anticipated for months, the animation is lit and girls are just too cute for our own good. Furthermore, the setting isn’t high school, it’s a college. 

So, it is a safe bet to expect something different from the norm. 

The god of high school

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural, Martial Arts Plot

                Suddenly, a fighting tournament takes place. Its purpose is to find the best fighter among of the high school students of Korea. 

The main character Jin Mori will also be participating and he soon learns that there is a lot more to this tournament than what appears on the surface.


                Goodness Gracious, the hype around this anime is growing like crazy. And it’s not just the anime and the manga community that’s anticipating it. Those folks who only read web toons are also on fire!

Which is to be expected because technically this anime is the anime adaption of the popular web toon of the same name. 

This is indeed the new era of anime, web toons have started to get anime adaptations. 

Well not much time is left till July, we’ll get to see all these anime in action, soon enough. 

That’s all folks!