Let's Talk About Science In Anime!

Let's Talk About Science In Anime!

Can anime make you appreciate science?

Or rather. Can knowing science make you appreciate Sci-fi anime more?

I think it works both ways.

I can recall many instances where an anime ignited within me a desire to get to know science more. Take Stein's gate, for example, it has some really complex theories and Math that can even make your brain cells go into eternal slumber.

Stein's Gate taught us how microwaving a banana isn't a good idea as it might initiate a quantum phenomenon.

Without a shadow of a doubt Steins; Gate is and will always remain a masterpiece.

There is something which everyone can mutually agree on and it is the fact that Stein's Gate covered the concept of time travel better than any anime has ever before.

It even incorporated the conspiracy behind John Titor, if you don't know about this one then go search up that name on the internet.

Now, let's consider a little less complicated anime.

For example, "Dr. Stone"

The protagonist is a high school prodigy, but in this case, he is not a soccer genius or a quiet guy with supernatural powers. He is just another kid who happens to be really good at Chemistry and stuff.

So in the anime, when the world got petrified. This dude started counting seconds just to keep track of the time and he continued to do it for about three thousand and seven hundred years.

I don't know about you guys but when I saw that moment, I got the chills.

If you haven't watched Dr. Stone yet then do consider watching it.

The first season has already ended and the second season will be airing anytime this year.

For those of you who have seen the anime, you probably already know that the main focus of the show was mostly chemistry, it all began with chemistry and then somewhere along the way, the need of electricity arose which shifted Senku's attention from Chemistry to Electronics.

Seeing Senku and the others manifest such high level stuff from scratch was intriguing indeed.

It made me start appreciating chemistry more, I often stopped the episode midway to go to google and get my concepts right. So, I can understand the anime better. Not to mention, they even managed to make a waifu out of an Acid.

Behold Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) chan!

But if you'd ask me, the first season of Dr. Stone could have been done better, in fact, a lot of better. There were many still frames and other flaws in the animation.

Compared to the manga, the anime pales in comparison. When the first episode aired, I thought that this anime has a lot of potential, but the lack of brilliance in the animation said otherwise.

Alright. So, Dr. Stone is a blend of Science and Shonen, right?

Did you know, there is an ongoing anime that is a blend of Science and Slice of life?

It's, "Science fell in love, so I tried to prove it."

While most disagree, saying that this anime doesn't particularly focus on Science. It doesn't really matter. What matters are the scientific deductions these guys do to prove a mystical concept called love.

And yeah, it's not like that this anime doesn't focus on science at all. They proved the importance of prime numbers, didn't they?

On top of that, Prof. Kuma has also been giving us insights on a lot of stuff, so I guess that counts as science too.

Be that as it may, the animation of this anime is really beautiful. So you might want to check it out.

We have really subsided from today's main topic, haven't we?

As I was saying, anime can make you appreciate science, and science can make you appreciate Sci-fi anime more. Truth be told, most of the anime community is pretty good at basic scientific concepts.

Still, it can sometimes take an anime like Stein's gate or Dr. Stone or maybe even, "Science fell in love so I tried to prove it", to get us back to enjoying the beauty of science.

Be that as it may, this is the 21st century, the age of information, and what could be a better way to learn about science than through anime, right?

Let's hope that they make Dr. Stone as long as One Piece!