Is the fourth season of Haikyuu worse than the previous ones?

Is the fourth season of Haikyuu worse than the previous ones?

The blend of sports and slice of life always creates something spectacular when it comes to anime and Haikyuu is the prime example of that.

I would even go as far as to say "Haikyuu is the best sports anime!"

It's one of those masterpieces that can always be watched again and again without getting bored.

Before we get to the actual matter, let me give you a brief overview of this anime and why you should definitely give it a watch if you haven't already.

The story revolves around a sport called volleyball. The main stars of the show belong to Karasuno high school. Their goal is to take their high school to the spring nationals and to do that they are ready to think outside the box and use a little less mainstream methods.

That's what makes this anime so interesting, while most sports anime focus more on sudden plot armors than on the actual development of the characters. Haikyuu doesn't do things that way, there is a lot more to an anime than the main characters always being on a winning stream, right?

This anime embraces the statement, "A loss is a future gain!"

When it comes to the first three seasons, we can say that from stunning visuals to the groundbreaking music, not to mention the story, everything is masterfully done.

But can the same be said about the fourth season?

Whenever there exists a big gap between two different seasons of any anime, something like this is always bound to happen. The season that came later appears a little different in certain aspects, whether that is a good thing or not, fans sometimes don't take fancy to it, some might even start hating the new season altogether. And of course, there are also a few exceptions to this rule.

Well, I can completely empathize with such fans, if we consider the third season of seven deadly sins then it is horrible, it is absolutely horrible. I'd rather drop it then let it make me hate the entire seven deadly sins franchise altogether.

However, that is not the case with Haikyuu.

The animation of the first three seasons was a bit more captivating than the latest season. It had more depth and appeal to it. Which is why fans didn't appreciate the visible divergence in the animation of season four. Be that as it may, I noticed something about the latest season.

There appears to be a more mature vibe around its animation.

How did I get to that conclusion?

I remembered another sports anime that I really liked even though the animation was all out of the place. That anime was, "Pingpong no animation"

It is also a pretty good anime, the animation may seem a little too rough but it is definitely worth watching. Furthermore, there are only twelve episodes.

What I am trying to say is that the character design of the characters has been changed a little to make it visible that the characters, as well as the anime, have evolved. But could there have been a better way for the studio to do that?

Of course, but they did what was convenient.

The other aspect to judge the latest season on is the story.

We all know how the third season ended. It ended at a very crucial moment.

Right when it was announced that Kageyama has been invited to participate in the ALL JAPAN YOUTH TRAINING CAMP, the anime ended.

And we had to wait for more than three years to see the aftermath of that announcement.

I was very interested to see how the story will proceed from there on out. The anime had already covered a lot till the end of the third season, which got me thinking, is it really okay for this anime to continue, they might ruin the story altogether.

Sure, the nationals tournament seems to be quite thrilling but would they really be able to maintain the same hype. That was the part, I was unsure of.

But I admit that I was underestimating the author. I read the manga and it was breathtaking.

That's why I can confidently say, there are going to be a lot of rushes of adrenaline in the upcoming episodes, so make sure you follow through with them.