Best Shooter Video Games in 2019

Best Shooter Video Games in 2019

Out of a wide range of genres, the first person and third-person shooting games have always stayed on the top in terms of popularity. They work well on almost all platforms and help crazy gamers to enjoy the modern gaming experience. There are plenty of amazing things to do with a stunning storyline that can impress you with every next scene. However, when you are interested in picking the best ones, we advise you to go ahead with the list of five bests:

  1. Dying Light:

This shooting game works well in single-player as well as in multiplayer mode. It can work perfectly on PC, Xbox One and on PS4 as well. there is an adventure rich action sequence with an amazing blend of horror events. With loads of thrilling activities, this top-tier game serves well for anyone who loves to take tough dares. The altering day and night cycle with the interesting sequence of work make it the best choice for everyone around.

  1. Apex Legends:

Here is a battle of royale shooters that comes in multiplayer mode for playstation games. This is known to be the fastest viral game in the world that gained more than 25 million players in very less time. The best part is that it is available for free to play and includes a long list of adventure rich events. The battlefield is really challenging with loads of innovative tools and weapons. You can still play this famous game online to have fun.

  1. Overwatch:

This game made a remark in the gaming industry in the year 2016 when it was seen on almost every YouTube channel and gaming magazine. Although this game had few issues in the initial stage after release, it took the market by storm in very less time. It is based on two teams each having 6 players to fight. Players can choose from numbers of heroes, offence, tanks, supports and defence to make this game more interesting. There are numbers of fun elements with loads of thrill and adventure hidden inside.

  1. Paladins:

This game comes with many similarities to Overwatch and is an amazing choice for FPS game lovers. The free to play version makes it more popular among gamers. There are plenty of creative and stunning elements that add more adventure to this game. This game had a huge fan base in the market with 9/10 rating online. The team-based first-person shooting theme with multiplayer mode makes it the best choice for every gamer.

  1. FarCry 5:

You can play this game on PC, Xbox One and PS4. This first-person shooter can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes, and there are lots of thrilling events in the storyline. You will fall in love with their astonishing graphics, engaging storyline and slick gameplay.

Choose any of these amazing xbox 1 games to get started with amazing FPS gaming experience. They will take you to the thrilling battlefield with lots of adventure and fun loaded inside.