Are Webtoon anime adaptions going to start A New Era of anime?

For a long time, web toons have been a fundamental part of the anime and manga culture. But it was surprising, just how many anime fans didn’t know about web toons.

Well, that was all in the past. With the release of the anime adaption of a web toon. The anime community now knows and…

A new era of anime has begun! 

That’s right, one of the highest rated web toons got adapted into an anime. The one who licensed this was Crunchyroll and the anime I am talking about is Tower of god

It’s a series that always continues to evolve. The anime is currently ongoing and even though it’s only in its initial phase, it has received great feedback from the world. 


The story follows the tale of a boy who attempts to climb a tower (which can grant any wish, whatever it may be) in order to go after the one and only friend he has ever known…

Now, if Tower of god was the only web toon to have gotten an anime, people would have just called it an exception and moved on.

But obviously, that isn’t the case, because another well sought after web toon is said to be in production. The name is the god of high school and it’ll be coming out in July this year. 

However, even that isn’t all, is it?

Another web toon called Noblesse will also be making its mark on the anime world anytime this year.

We can say with confidence that the anime industry is about to increase its scope. 

In the past, there have been many Chinese anime and maybe even a few Korean too

Take the 30 minute long movie Noblesse: Awakening for example. 

But never has there been a time, when an anime whose source was made outside Japan, gained such a high level of positive response.

So what exactly is a web toon and how does it differ from a manga?

Well, while manga are more or less Japanese comic books. Web toons are a style of comics that first originated in South Korea. 

They are also called Web Manga or Manhwa (Korean Manga) 

While we are talking about this, it wouldn’t hurt to know that the name for a Chinese comic is Manhua. 

On the surface these terms might seem simple and less important than the actual content, but that’s where most people are wrong. These terms tend to describe the entertainment culture of that specific country and that’s exactly why they should never be taken lightly.

You’ll be surprised to see just how much of the anime community (mostly beginners) still don’t know about these terms. 

Which is even more surprising when you consider that a few of these web toons are on par with the best of all the manga there are (Notice how I said “a few”)

For now, it’ll still be a few years when web toons become just as diversified as manga, but they are already wreaking havoc in the world. 

The best title that comes to mind is Solo Leveling. This web toon or rather Manhwa has indeed made its place in the world. 

And now that we have seen firsthand, how Korean Manhwas can also be adapted into anime by Japanese Studios and Crunchyroll as a Licensor. It’s only a matter of time before we have the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling.  Alright then, let’s get back to our question. 

Are Web toon anime adaptions going to start a new Era of anime?

It’s not a matter of are or aren’t, it’s only a matter of time, because this new era has officially begin with the anime adaptation of Tower of god.

But if you are one of those people who lacked prior knowledge of this side of the anime world? 

You should consider checking out the Tower of god anime, and the web toons that I talked about. And also put the upcoming web toon anime “The god of high school” and “Noblesse” on your to do list. You won’t regret it.

That’s all folks!