An Anime with all kinds of Animal girls

An Anime with all kinds of Animal girls

"Murenase! Seton Gakuen"

(Come together! to the Seton academy)


                A paradise full of all kinds of animal girls. I don't know if you guys read the last line correctly, its "animal girls" not just anime girls. That's right, whether it's a cat girl or a panda girl or even a dolphin girl, you name it, this anime probably has that covered.


In many ways, I consider the person who came up with the idea of this anime's manga to be a genius. I don't think if many people realize how brilliant this anime actually is. I mean sure, the concept of catgirls has been around for forever but how many of you ever wondered about girls like Panda girl, Wolf girl, or even a donkey girl.  

If you are like most people. That is, if you are like me. 

Then you probably never strayed from the wonderful concept of catgirls. Don't get me wrong, I still consider catgirls to be just as important all of the other girls that I am going to be talking about, if not even more.

It's just that to think there is an anime where there is any and every kind of animal girl, a normal human could ever think of. Let me reconsider that, I said a normal human, but peeps like us who are avid anime watchers aren't normal, right. 

Just kidding! We are just as normal as anybody is.

And yeah, I know that this isn't the only anime that has used this concept. There are similar works as well, take Beastars for example. But it isn't just the main concept that I am judging this anime on, it is also the execution of that concept. Comedy is harder to pull off than you think. 

Alright so as I was saying I have deep respect for the person who came up with this idea. And honestly, I want more and more people watching this hilarious compilation of ridiculously questionable jokes and insane cuteness. 

Even though the anime just recently started a couple of months ago, the manga has been around for more than three years, and it is still ongoing. So if things go well, we'll probably get a second season.

For now, let's see take a look at the fundamental components of the first season. 


                The plot isn't stretched. It's like one of those anime where the story progresses one episode at a time. There is a theme but there isn't any specific direction that the story is supposed to take. 

The story takes place in a school where the students are animals. And because humans are also considered animals, biologically speaking. Then it does make sense for a human or two to be there at the school. 

I think that the setting meshes well with this anime's overall approach. As most of the students are animals, it's hilarious to see how they can get away with such extreme stuff so easily. 

Tell me, if a student council president prefers staying naked all the time. Would that work in any other slice of life anime or even comedy?



I mean, with anime  there's no telling what they'd pull off next. Still, even if it works it wouldn't work as smoothly as it does in this anime. 

It always cracks me when a random zoology fact pops up out of nowhere. Like this one, 



                As obvious as it is, this anime has an awful lot of characters. It isn't like your favorite comedy anime where the story revolves around only a handful of people, I am talking about Nichijou here.

By an awful lot of characters, I mean that new characters keep popping up and because this anime has all the freedom to make its characters as interesting as it wants. 

It never disappoints!

Take a Lion with a harem for example,


Still, there can only be a certain number of characters that are the center of attention, right?

In this case, it is the cooking club.

It started with the only two humans that are there in the whole vicinity, then a wolf girl joined and over the episodes, it only continued to grow.

Right now, the cooking club looks kind of like this, 



                Honestly, it is rare to see a comedy anime with such a stunning animation. The visuals are killer, kudos to everyone who worked on this anime.

Even though the animation is only a part of what an anime should be judged on. Still, I dare anyone to name at least 10 comedy anime that were both stupendously hilarious and had crazy good animation. 

Most people can't even name 3 such anime. If you can, then congratulations, you have just been recognized as a true Man Of Culture.

Voice Acting 

                So the thing with animal girls is that you can't make them sound natural unless you are a genius voice actor. In other words, all I am trying to say is that the voice actors did quite a spectacular job. Especially the ending song, it is done by the voice actor of one of the main characters, the wolf girl.

The ending song is just so simple and adorable. 

There isn't any flashy background music ruining the sweet melody of the song. It is just the soothing voice singing plain lyrics but with a cute charming tune. 


On a scale of 1 to 10. I would give this anime a 10, a perfect score


It's because I didn't compare this anime to any other anime (Ok, so maybe I did compare it with a couple of anime but that was only to give you an idea of what this one makes this anime stand out)

I saw this anime as something completely different from what we usually see and I loved it. 

The comedy factor is so random and interesting. You get to learn about animals as well as their weird habits. Not to mention, the animators certainly did put a lot of effort into animating these girls. They are unusually cute and adorable.

 Compared to normal anime girls, these girls aren't that perfect, which is to be expected as a Hyena girl would always prefer eating raw bones over cream salad, right. 

She'd eat bones and still smile like that. 



Don't forget that there is a lot more to this anime than what I've covered. Once you start watching it, you'll see how quickly it grabs your attention. 

Of course, giving an anime 10/10 doesn't mean that anime is perfect in every possible way. It just shows how much the person enjoyed it.

And I hope you do as well!!!